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Nothing brings an immediate glow and facelift to your bathroom like the Eacham glass basin. The Eacham combines function with beautiful form, with a special high-low design that prevents splashes and looks amazing all at the same time.


Its glass build doesn’t mean the Eacham is easily damaged. The Eacham has been specifically designed to be more durable and stronger than typical porcelain basins.

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Function meets form with our Glass Collection

Why Choose Us

Corner Collision Avoidance

Our glass collection is designed to fit perfectly into desired spaces and to completely avoid bumps, knicks and collisions.

Tempered Glass Reinforcement

With tempered glass reinforcement, our glass basins and sinks are built to last and withstand years of everyday use.


Handcrafted and designed.

Carefully shaped, designed and crafted, our Glass Collection is made to simultaneously function well as a bathroom fixture, and to be visually aesthetically pleasing.

Step 1

Raw Material Processing

We use high quality materials and put them through stringent processing for effective and reliable results. 

Step 2

Diamond Level Cutting

We then cut the glass material using high precision cutting tools; the same tools used to cut and shape diamonds.

Step 3


Our master glass artisans then fire the glass to create impressive basins and sinks in a range of attractive shapes and sizes.

Step 4


Once the basin has been shaped and sculpted, we temper it to increase its strength, durability, and longevity.

Step 5

High Precision Polish

We then polish the basin multiple times, giving a natural shine and smoothness, and also making it easier to clean.e shapes and sizes.

Step 6

Hand Painted Pattering

Finally, we hand paint unique patterns and designs onto each basin for a beautiful, attractive final product.


The Macho Glass Collection undergoes an intense firing process to create beautifully elegant glass bathroomware that epitomises finesse, sophistication and grace.

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