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A Macho collection exclusive, the McKenzie personifies ‘beauty in simplicity’ and is an elegant choice for any bathroom. With a sleek, clean ceramic design, the McKenzie is sure to impress in both aesthetics and functionality.


The McKenzie ceramic basin also comes in a range of visually pleasing colours, letting you pick a basin that matches with the rest of your bathroom. Sturdily built with an easy to clean finish, upgrade your bathroom with the reliability of the McKenzie ceramic basin today.

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Proven reliability with our Ceramic Collection

Why Choose Us

Anti-fouling & self-cleaning

Our ceramic collection is incredibly functional, designed to be easy to clean and to be highly resistant to bacteria and mould build up.

Extra smooth finish

Our products in the ceramic collection come with clean, matte finishes and in two unique colours.


Handcrafted and designed.

Our Ceramic Collection takes the trusted reliability qualities of ceramics and combines them with modern and innovative designs and features, creating bathroom fixtures that stand the test of time.


Raw Material Processing

We take high quality raw materials and mix them in perfect ratios to create smooth, safe clay liquid ready for moulding.


Design & Prototyping

Based on the designs created by our team, we create various basin prototypes and test them multiple times before confirming them for mass production.


Moulding & Producing

Our moulds are custom built for each of our Ceramic collection products and are created to meet our high production standards.


Hand Glazing

We apply a smooth glaze to all our ceramic products with a dual application method that combines hand and machine painting for best results.



We utilise precise temperature control during the firing process to ensure shape, quality and product colour meets high standards.


Quality Assurance

We wrap up the process by conducting a thorough inspection on every inch, guaranteeing a high quality final product.


The Macho Ceramic Collection is time tested and proven to be a luxurious mix of reliable design and ultra-clean finishes, for a ceramic basin that embodies beauty in simplicity for years and years to come.

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