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The St. Clair stone basin is one of the stars of the Macho Stone Collection. Adding a touch of elegance and luxury to any bathroom, the St. Clair is handcrafted with natural stone and designed to look amazing while still remaining durable and functional.


Super resistant to scratches and scrapes, the St. Clair also features a polished finish which protects the basin from stains, chipping and water damage. All in all, the St. Clair is a luxurious basin that will make your bathroom truly feel like one of a kind.

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The strength of our Stone Collection

Why Choose Us

Exceptional Quality

Our stone collection is hand cut, designed and created with high quality stone sourced by Australian quarries and mines.

10 Years Warranty

Shop with confidence thanks to 10 years of warranty on every single item in the Macho Stone Collection.


Handcrafted and designed.

Handcrafted by our expert stonemasons, the Macho Stone Collection features a wide range of beautifully built and textured fixtures and fittings perfect for any bathroom.



We source high quality stone, marble and quartz, free of cracks and blemishes, and with naturally beautiful shades and textures.



Once sourced, we hand sculpt and chip away at the stone to appropriate sizes, ready to be made into our stone sinks and basins.


Hand Carving

We use traditional tools and methods to carve and dig out the wells of our Stone Collection sinks and basins, for enhanced texture and authenticity.



We use a range of techniques to create beautiful patterns and designs on our products, each pattern is unique and different from the rest.


High Precision Polish

Once a pattern has been applied, we polish our stone basins multiple times to ensure that they are easy to clean and safe to use.


Waterproof layering

The final step is to apply a non-toxic, safe to use waterproof layer for maximum durability and longevity.


Our Stone Collection combines the natural streaks, patterns and colours found in our raw materials with modern designs to create strikingly, beautiful stone basins that exude modernity, strength and class.

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